Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tilda DC Challenge

This challenge was set by a docrafter. Nautical colours must include 2 flowers, 2 buttons, ribbon, one backing paper and a tilda or edwin image and must be in red, white and blue..............

Hope you like it.



  1. Hiya Patsi and welcome to Blogland, I'm sure you'll soon find your way around, blogging is fab and you'll get to 'meet' some truly wonderful people, mind you Blogging should come with a warning, as it's highly!!!

    Your nautical themed card is really lovely, the buttons and ribbons look so effective.

  2. Love the card! Wish I could get round to do some challenges again!
    Love, Alex

  3. hi patsi,i havent been blogging long but i warn you it is addictive as
    gorgeous challenge card

  4. I love this Tilda - looks great in these colors! x

  5. hiya patsi, welcome to blogland. Your blog's looking great. I just love the Tilda card it's so cute. See you Sunday.
    Shell x

  6. Great card - love the colours :)

    Vicki is so right - I thought crafting and DC was addictive enough!!!

    Carol x

  7. This Tilda card is fab, well done. Welcome to the world of blogging, just one more thing to keep you chained to the computer. There are plenty of challenges to keep you busy and the added bonus of the chance to win some fab blog candy. Debs xx


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